दो बहने Do Behnen 1959 B&W - Romantic Movie | Shyama, Rajendra Kumar, Chand Usmani.

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Director: Kedar Kapoor
Producer: Kailash Kapoor,J.P. Sehgal, Prakash Seth
Genre: Romance
Music: Vasant Desai
Year: 1959
Cast: Shyama, Rajendra Kumar, Chand Usmani

Synopsis: DO BEHNENas the title spells, is a story of two sisters Vasanti and Malti born at the same time, under the same roof and brought up in the similar atmosphere. . Vasanti was the model of simplicity and soberity. To remain within the four walls of her home and to spend all her time in the servie to her parents were the only pass-time for her. In short she was the "GODDESS OF HOME". . Malti, on the other hand was active and sharp. For her the life was to make the most of it. Her happiness lied in attending Clubs and Cabbarets. In short she was the "BUTTERFLY OF SOCIETY". . Vasantis patience was rewarded she was married in a respectable family of Bombay. . In the meantime, Malti, beccause of her frequent visits to Clubs etcc. ccame in contacct with a young crook by name Anokhe and became a prey of his false love. Her parents resented to this contact of hers but her careless and carefree youth did not allow her to listen to any advicce she ran away with Anokhe to an unknown city. . Now on one side Vasanti was enjoying the Pure love of her husband Ramesh and on the other, Malti was suffering in the False representations of Anokhe. Ultimately a day comes when poor Malti is penniless and Anokhes whereabouts are not known. Weeping and crying she is waiting for Anokhe but to no purpose. On the knowledge of this, the mother and Vasanti leave to bring her back. . But alas! Bad lukc was still following them.... On the way they meet with an acident Vasanti, the noble soul, is knoked down girl, mother thinks something plans something and declares that the dead one was Malti whereas Vasanti had died atually. . Immediately on reaching Bombay mother dresses up Malti just as Vasanti and in spite of heavy opposition from her husband, she sends Malti to Vasantis In-laws, to live with them as and in the place of Vasanti.

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Statutory Declaration: Contents of this Film,Scene,Song which was released, as per available sources now are in the public domain since the term of copyright has expired,under the copyright act 1957.

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